Privacy Statement for

October 1st, 2017

We are Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V., Hansastraße 27c, 80686 Munich, Germany (“Fraunhofer”) and responsible for using the personal data you enter into RESLAG.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and use your personal data in accordance with the legal regulations valid for data protection.

In the following sections, we explain to you what type of data we collect when you visit RESLAG and when you register for and use RESLAG, and precisely describe how your data is used.

Please note that the information provided in the following may be reviewed from time to time. We recommend that you consult this data privacy statement regularly.

1. Scope and purpose of the collection, processing and utilization of personal data

a. when you visit RESLAG

When you visit RESLAG, our servers temporarily store each access in a log file. The following data is recorded without you needing to do anything and stored by us until it is automatically deleted within the legally prescribe periods:

  • IP address of the requesting processor
  • Date and time of access
  • Name and URL of the downloaded file
  • Volume of data transmitted
  • Indication whether download was successful
  • Data identifying the browser software and operating system
  • Web site from which our site was accessed
  • Name of your Internet service provider

This data is collected and processed to enable the use of RESLAG (connection), particularly to guarantee permanent system security and stability and to enable us to optimize our online services as well as for internal statistical purposes. The IP address will be evaluated only in the event of attacks on the web infrastructure of Fraunhofer.

Apart from the special cases cited above, we do not process personal data without first obtaining your explicit consent to do so. Pseudonymous user profiles can be created as stated under web analysis (see below).

b. when you register a user account for RESLAG

If you wish to sign up for a RESLAG account, we need at least a user name, a password, and your e-mail address.

Whereas it is voluntary to enter a real name as a user name, entering your personal e-mail-address is compulsory and you must provide it truthfully.

We require this data to allow us to process and administer our website, to check the input data for plausibility, and to be aware about our contractual partner. Your e-mail-address is also needed to contact you in order to create your user account and in the event of any information to be sent to you with regard to RESLAG.

For your own protection, the registration procedure for this type of service involves you confirming your request using the link contained in the e-mail we send you and you giving your consent to the use of further personal data where this is necessary to use the platform.

c. while you are using RESLAG as a registered user

While registered users are using RESLAG, we collect data on the type, frequency and intensity of use of the website as well as data on the length of your membership. This is for for statistical reasons and to enable the portal to function smoothly.

2. Use and transfer of personal data

a. when you visit RESLAG

All use of your personal data is confined to the purposes stated above, and is only undertaken to the extent necessary for these purposes. Your data is not disclosed to third parties unless you agreed to do so. Your personal data is disclosed only to registered or to non-registered users, if you have specifically consented to it. You may cancel your registration for this type of service at any time, by sending us an e-mail klemens.nothacker(at) via the Web page offering the service.

Personal data will not be transferred to government bodies or public authorities except in order to comply with mandatory national legislation or if the transfer of such data should be necessary in order to take legal action in cases of fraudulent access to our network infrastructure. Personal data will not be transferred for any other purpose unless you agreed to do so.

3. Consent to use data in other contexts

The use of certain functionalities on RESLAG may require prior registration and involves a more substantial processing of personal data, such as longer-term storage of e-mail addresses, user names and passwords. We use such data only insofar as it has been sent to us by you in person and you have given us your express prior consent for this specific use.

You may cancel your registration for this type of service at any time, by sending us an e-mail klemens.nothacker(at) via the Web page offering the service.

As a general rule, the content of users is not subject to any form of monitoring by Fraunhofer. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to delete posted contributions and to prohibit users from further use of the service at our own discretion, especially in cases where posted content contravenes the law or is deemed in-compatible with the objectives of Fraunhofer.

4. Cookies

We use cookies on our Web site, which place technical session-control data in your browser’s memory.

Cookies, among other things, help to make your visit to RESLAG simpler, more pleasant and more logically structured. Cookies are information data which your web browser automatically stores on your computer’s hard disc when you visit RESLAG. Cookies do not do any damage to your computer’s hard disc and they do not transmit any of your personal data to us. We use cookies, for instance, to be able to identify you as a registered user without you needing to log in every time. Use does not mean that we receive new personal data about you as an online visitor. Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically.

Of course, it is perfectly possible to consult RESLAG without activating cookies. Please note, however, that most browsers are programmed to accept cookies in their default configuration. You can prevent this by changing the appropriate setting in the browser options. If you set the browser to refuse all cookies, this may restrict your use of certain functions on our Website

5. Security

Fraunhofer implements technical and organizational security measures to safeguard stored personal data against inadvertent or deliberate manipulation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological progress.

6. Links to Web sites operated by other providers

Our Web pages may contain links to other providers’ Web pages. We would like to point out that this statement of data protection conditions applies exclusively to the Web pages managed by Fraunhofer. We have no way of influencing the practices of other providers with respect to data protection, nor do we carry out any checks to ensure that they conform with the relevant legislation.

7. Right to information and contact data

You have a legal right to inspect any stored data concerning your person, and also the right to demand their correction or deletion, and to withdraw your consent for their further use.

You may at any time request information about your personal data that we have stored or access and amend it by logging in to our website with your log-in data. Any formal request for information must be made in writing with proof of your identity.

You may also at any time delete or correct your data or user profile. You may do this by sending an e-mail with the relevant request to klemens.nothacker(at) We draw your attention to the fact that if your data is deleted it will no longer be possible to use some or all of our services.

You may retract your consent to certain kinds of data processing at any time with effect for the future.

Please note that by law certain kinds of data must be kept for a certain period of time. Such data must be stored by us until these periods run out. We block this data in our system and use it only in order to fulfil statutory requirements.

8. Acceptance, validity and modification of data protection conditions

By using our Web site, you implicitly agree to accept the use of your personal data as specified above. This present statement of data protection conditions came into effect on October 1st, 2017. As our Web site evolves, and new technologies come into use, it may become necessary to amend the statement of data protection conditions. Fraunhofer reserves the right to modify its data protection conditions at any time, with effect as of a future date. We recommend that you reread the latest version from time to time.